AV integration
Stone Water

We design, supply, and install audio video solutions to satisfy the needs of the customer.

We’ve been proudly serving for over 15 years. We always do what is best for customer. 

Our Work Sectors 

Commercial Sector
When you’re trying to find any installed AV or the simplest conference system for your boardroom, we will help you in your needs.
Educational Sector
School’s AV systems play vital role in students development and creating healthy educational environment for study.
House of Worship Sector
In any house of worship, our system fits and performs very well. Whether it is traditional or contemporary, your audio video solutions should complement your services.
Institutional Sector
Institutions often require unique AV systems solutions from basic to advanced PA system. 
Working with Shashank AVA
We try to make the process of getting your project from concept to quote as simple as possible.

Brands :

We work with AV manufacturers/distributors who are mindful of their names and strive for excellence in performance and reliability. Right now we are authorized dealers for more than 35 + brands,  which are highly prestigious and recognized all over for their quality assurance.

Service at Audio Consultant

We provide services by the authorized and trained service engineer of the brand company.

In-Home or Site Consultation and Calibration

Our team of people, systems designers, installers, programmers, and engineers are available for in-home consultations to troubleshoot.

With an involvement for over fifteen years in the field of music, we have become a part of the simplest audiovisual consultants in our region. Our audio-video solutions are made with a target to enhance output through proficient use of technology.

We’ve always given honest advice to our customers. We are grateful to our clients for their trust in us. 

We have confidence in effectively tuning in to our customers and confirm that our products will meet their expectations.

Commercial Audio Video Systems

The use of background music in restaurants, retail stores, and health spas has proven to be an excellent investment. The music can be used to set a mood, provide a soothing ambiance, and mask intrusive background noise. Improvements in speakers, amplifiers, and music sources have enabled AVI to install full frequency range background music systems with sound quality that approaches home music systems.
Music sources include CD Libraries, cable TV and satellite music services, and computer hard drive-based music servers. We provided the design, installation, upgrading and service of commercial sound and video systems for a wide variety of customers in the New York area.
The experienced team is a solutions provider, employing a uniquely experienced design staff designing and implementing electronics systems. To ensure an efficient installation process, every installed system is carefully documented, including the wiring and the manner in which your specific components are connected together. This significantly facilitates efficient and fast service when needed.
» Restaurants, » Bars / Clubs, » Health Spa, » Retail Store, » Coffee Shops / Cafes, » Local Gym


We can automate your Corporate Boardroom or Conference Room for effective presentations and meetings. 
We creates custom audio, video solutions for any size of business. 
We are always on call to serve your need.

Home Theater
Dedicated Theater Room Solutions – Home Cinema

There are different types of custom home theater systems. A Dedicated Home Theater is a room with fixed audio video system and acoustical treatment. 

We offer everything for professional AV installation, live audio, and PA systems. We have Pro AV equipment from a wide range of well-known brands.