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Topic : Indian Flute Playing Techniques.

Learn Indian Flute by Shashank

This webinar is suitable for those who are really interested in learning Indian flute. Join our free webinar to know more about how we can go ahead and learn the  techniques of playing flute. You can attend any one webinar. If you have any bamboo flute, then it is good. If you don’t have, still there is no problem.  

What you will learn in this webinar 

Correct way to hold the flute.

How to blow the flute.

How to play sharp and flat notes. ( शुद्ध और कोमल स्वर)

Alaap in Raag.

Some Basic Techniques of playing .

Friday 3  Dec 2021
Time : UAE ( Dubai ) 8.30 pm. 
            India : 10.00 pm 

Entry Free