Online Musical Event:
We are happy to announce that we provide a complete Online Musical Show Solution to our clients/organizers with lots of concepts.
We also provide services to organize an online show for other artists.
During the lockdown period, we did many successful online musical events.  Everyone needs to take the advantage of the platform while it still has the novelty factor going for it.
Social media has managed to become an integral part of our lives for a short time. What started as a medium to remain in-tuned with friends and family, soon become a channel for brands and businesses to attach with their audience through well-crafted social media strategies.
With the rapid climb of this medium, numerous social media trends have emerged and evolved over the years. Adapting to those new and upcoming trends is what helps businesses keep up with the fierce competition.
Live Videos Transforming the Social Media
With a majority of social media experts asking to focus brands on video marketing for a short time now, there was little question that live videos on social media are getting to gain much popularity in 2020. Brands are now exploring live videos frequently to attach with their customers for chit-chats.
Surprisingly, the recognition of live videos has surpassed the demand for video content too. Presently, live videos are being broadcast on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Tumblr because almost 82% of the audiences prefer live videos on social media.
There has also been a surge in bringing celebrities and renowned personalities on live chat by various brands and creating opportunities for people to bond with their favorite celebs or role models.
Video Content Continues to Bloom
Video content is probably the foremost engaging sort of content immediately, and it’s here to remain within the end of the day. In fact, brands are rapidly shifting to video content and prioritizing it over written content and pictures.
Many brands also are thinking of introducing premium video-based content to interact with people even further. Videos can quickly grab the eye of users and keep them hooked to the screen.
There are varieties of social media trends that will rule the year 2020 and have a huge impact on the users, also as, brands. If you haven’t adapted to those new trends year, it’s time you are doing so to leverage your brand on social media and stay before the competition.
If you’re looking to grow your brand/ entertain your audience,  you would like to start out using Facebook/youtube or any equal media.
It’s one of the most important new trends on social media, and it’s getting to define the success of your brand awareness in 2018 and beyond.
One of the simplest parts of Facebook Live is that you’re ready to reach existing fans much faster. You’ll also get a healthy dose of brand name awareness with the increasing popularity of live video.
According to Social Media Today, people spend longer watching Facebook Live videos than videos that aren’t live.  That’s crazy!
While you’ll also use YouTube Live to drive traffic, Facebook Live is more prevalent, since more people are on Facebook on a day today.
Besides, Facebook Live is nearly as well-liked as YouTube Live. consistent with research by Livestream and Magazine, 66% of respondents said they liked Facebook Live.
In short, you would like to be using Facebook Live to grow your brand.
How are you able to set about doing that? There’s an awesome number of ideas out there about the way to create a viral Facebook Live video, but little practical advice.
In this article, I’ll explain the simplest techniques for creating a live video that reinforces your brand and makes something others will want to speak about.
Remember, a live video stays on Facebook long after you finish streaming, so you would like to make a pleasant experience that folks will want to observe over and once again.
Indians use YouTube and Facebook mostly for streaming music.
Indian internet users are largely using YouTube to consume music, while the foremost streamed Facebook videos are news-related content, consistent with a study by video intelligence platform Vidooly Media Tech.